Letourneau Family Crest

The Letourneau Family

The Letourneau Family is a Unione Corse, French Mob, family it is a secretive criminal organization operating primarily out of Playstation Home. "Unione Corse" is the general name given by French and American authorities to the major Corsican gangs. This is not the first French Mob family on Playstation Home. The Letourneau Family is a small family who are trying to expand its membership and make connections with other traditional Playstation Home Familys.

Structure and HierachyEdit

Though it is not a traditional mafia family the structure and hierachy are much the same.


Underboss- cryptic889

  • Capo- jmw22
    • Soldier- lmao0311
    • Soldier- Antonio_S1994
    • Soldier- Neverxdead565
  • Capo- x-kids619
    • Soldier- cy0199
  • Capo- xSTL-ASSASSINx
    • Soldier- theslasher619

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