Sodium One, also known as the Salt Shooter, is a mini-game from Sodium that can be accessed as either a private space or public space. The objective list in Sodium Hub lists objectives for completing levels in both the private and public spaces.


The player controls a hovering battle craft. The left analog stick controls the direction that the craft moves. The right analog stick rotates a turret on top of the craft. It is very similar to many other popular tank games with the exception that these tanks hover.

The primary objective is to aim at, shoot, and destroy waves of oncoming enemy craft. Most levels include multiple waves of oncoming enemies. Some are simple craft (similar to the player's craft). Others are stationary towers that cause extensive damage if the player gets too close.

A secondary objective is to collect raw materials. The raw materials may be sold at the Sodium Hub for Sodium Credits.


The player may upgrade weapons and armor to improve the chances of completing higher levels.

Free/Pay GameEdit

The first five levels are free to play. Beyond that, the player must purchase the game.