Playstation®Home was a free social gaming platform for the PlayStation 3. One connected to the Playstation®Network could download Home™ via the Playstation®Network section on the Playstation 3 Cross Media Bar. It was shut down worldwide on April 1, 2015.


PlayStation Home was a social gaming platform, which required an active internet connection. Players could socialize, game launch into PS3 game titles, play Home™ games, watch videos, and much more.


  • PlayStation Home had been compared to other simulation games such as The Sims and WoW.
  • As of November 2011, Playstation Home boasted:
    • Over 23 million users worldwide
    • 70 minutes per session average
    • Over 230 games ready-to-play
    • Over 9,000 virtual items
    • Over 65 spaces
    • Over 35 partners

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