LocoIsland is the personal space attached to the LocoRoco-MuiMui Ship. It is an island populated by LocoRoco and MuiMui. It contains a jukebox and LocoReversi game. You can add other features to the island by collecting pickories and trading them to the King MuiMui.


You can get up to 20 Locorocos (yellow creatures) on your island. To get more, you must purchase Locoroco items (clothing or furniture). Dance near each Locoroco to make them follow you. Once you get all of them on your island to follow you and group together in one spot, they will sing to you. Once they sing, you get a pickory for each Locoroco.

This is a buggy game. Often, the Locoroco will not sing. You need to walk a few steps away. Wait for them to regroup. Repeat until they start singing.


You will nuts on your island each day. There are 6 types of nuts:

  • Dried Nut - 1 Pickory (common)
  • Overripe Nut - 5 Pickories (common)
  • Juicy Nut - 20 Pickories (common)
  • Ripe Nut - 50 Pickories (rare)
  • Funky Nut - 100 Pickories (rare)

If you have the garden, you can grow and harvest a fruit that is treated the same as a nut. If you water the plant, you will get two fruits for the week. If don't water it, you will get one fruit for the week.

  • MuiMui Fruit - 5 Pickories


For every 10 friends you invite to your LocoIsland you will get 10 pickories. After every 10th invite go to your board to receive the pickories. You can re-invite the same person, but it will count only every very half hour.

BONUS: Your guests can talk to the MuiMui king and get a Locoroco MuiMui ornament. You have to visit someone else's Loco Island to get it yourself.

Island UpgradesEdit

Talk to the MuiMui King to purchase island upgrades:

  • 5 pickories - unlocks the swing on the treehouse
  • 20 pickories - unlocks a jukebox in the theater hut
  • 5 pickories - unlocks the fishing MuiMui
  • 15 pickories - unlocks the MuiMui who sits on the bridge by the theater and a 3rd song on the jukebox
  • 50 pickories - unlocks the reversi game (beat the MuiMui and get 1 to 5 pickories, resets every 12 hours)
  • 15 pickories - unlocks a MuiMui with a beach ball
  • 20 pickories - unlocks a 4th song for the jukebox
  • 25 pickories - unlocks a beach chair
  • 60 pickories - unlocks an elevator
  • 20 pickories - unlocks a MuiMui who plays the bongos near the treehouse entrance
  • 25 pickories - unlocks a 5th song on the jukebox
  • 50 pickories - unlocks a hammock
  • 30 pickories - unlocks a 6th song on the jukebox
  • 100 pickories - unlocks a garden
  • 25 pickories - unlocks a MuiMui with an accordion sitting on the log by the treehouse
  • 35 pickories - unlocks a 7th song on the jukebox
  • 110 pickories - unlocks a gazeebo platform with sitting mats in the upper parts of the treehouse
  • 40 pickories - unlocks an 8th song on the jukebox
  • 60 pickories - unlocks a second swing and MuiMui
  • 30 pickories - unlocks a MuiMui with a guitar by the gazeebo in the treehouse
  • 45 pickories - unlocks a 9th song on the jukebox
  • 120 pickories - unlocks a skycar on the zipline MuiMui use to move between the treehouse and the theater.
  • 50 pickories - unlocks a 10th song on the jukebox
  • 150 pickories - unlocks a diving board from the gazeebo

BONUS: After completing all 24 island upgrades, the MuiMui King gives you a MuiMui hat, looks like a turban with a MuiMui on it.

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