Helicopter Hit is a game in Home Square. The goal of the game is to fly your helicopter under hot air balloons cutting of the rope between the basket and balloon.

Your helicopter has fuel, which starts at 50 and have a maximum of 100. When fuel reaches 0 the helicopter will crash. Points are given only when you cut down a basket of a balloon with the same colour as your helicopter. When you cut down other balloons you will get a small amount of fuel instead of points. Other than balloons, there are fuel tanks floating around which can be picked up for a large amount of fuel. These tanks are picked up just by flying in to them.

Up to four players can play at the same time and everyone, including those that do not play, will see your helicopter. The best strategy for ruining the game for everyone else is to cut down their balloons and not your own, and at the same time take every fuel tank.

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