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A typical clubhouse

are spaces in Playstation Home that are used by players to organize large or small groups of people at a central location. Clubhouses are owned by a club leader and can support up to 32 members at any given time. It is not a public space , nor is it a private space since any member of the club can walk in at any time, regardless of who is present.


In order to gain acess to a clubhouse, the club leader, or one of the sub-leaders must send other players an invite which will grant them admission into the club itself. During membership, a member can acess the clubhouse at any time, but cannot change any of the furnishings, as this can only be done by the club owner. A player can only be a member of 5 clubs at any given time (including any clubs he/she may own), and can only own one club at a time.


Though clubhouses cost $4.99, they come completely empty with the exception of very basic decorations, and are very bare otherwise. Clubhouses can be furnished much like any personal space, and have the same limits of items (100 standard items).

Types of ClubhousesEdit

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The Desert Haven Clubhouse

Up until December of 2011, the only available clubhouse was the basic clubhouse, as seen above. The first new clubhouse in three years was the Desert Haven clubhouse, and more new clubhouses have been added since. The variety of clubhouses is ever growing, and new clubouses are also being synonomously released with alternate versions of the same spaces as personal spaces. The current list of clubhouses includes:

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